Studio Project

Bookworm Gardens

Website Design

One Page


The objective of this project is to design and develop a comprehensive website for a Local Company, integrating two or more interactive components to enhance user engagement and provide a dynamic online experience. The goal is to create a modern, responsive website that not only meets the functional requirements but also contributes to its online presence, customer satisfaction, and overall business objectives.







Designer and Programer


4 Weeks

Visual Design, Wireframes, Html, Css, Javascript


Commencing this project, my initial step involved a comprehensive assessment of Bookworm Gardens' existing website with the aim of orchestrating a redesign. This entailed meticulous notes on pivotal elements to retain and areas deemed non-essential.


Subsequently, I curated a mood board to serve as the guiding aesthetic for the website redesign, seamlessly integrating Bookworm Gardens' fairytale elements with a contemporary twist.


In alignment with this fairytale modern aesthetic, I progressed to the development of wireframes tailored for various screen dimensions, encompassing mobile, tablet, and desktop interfaces.

With the completed wireframes as my blueprint, I transitioned to the implementation phase, coding the webpage using CSS, HTML, and Javascript to bring the envisioned design to life.


The project concludes with delivering a fully operational website that embodies the envisioned design, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality align seamlessly.


What I Learned

This project has taught me the challenge of trimming information without a clear understanding of a website's purpose. I've come to appreciate that a comprehensive grasp of a website's objectives is crucial for effective content editing. Moreover, I've learned that seeking constructive criticism from others is integral to refining a design. External perspectives play a vital role in identifying areas for improvement, ultimately contributing to a more polished and effective end result.