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Web Design


Motivo aims to assist individuals in establishing achievable goals amidst the chaos of modern life. In a universe filled with distractions and superficial social media content, people struggle to maintain motivation and explore new goals. Often, the failure to set realistic goals and break down those goals into manageable tasks leads to abandonment. This is where Motivo steps in. Equipped with AI-driven goal planning, task tracking, task pausing, reward systems, and a motivational goal buddy named Tivo. Individuals can face their goals head-on and see them through no matter how big they are.

App Site Book






Designer and Researcher


3 Months

User Research, Design Thinking, Brand Design, Wireframes, Prototyping, Visual Design, Website, Animations, Process Books


User research for this project included a user survey, persona generation, empathy mapping, affinity mapping, journey mapping, and competitive analysis to generate the Design Thinking behind Motivo.

Audience - Goal oriented individuals with a desire to set realistic goals and are motivation driven. From young adults to individuals in their late 40s.

The Problem - Individuals can find it hard to set long term goals they can maintain. How can we help them break down their goals into manageable tasks.

Ideation - Provide a resource that individuals can use to set goals and beaks them down into tasks through the use of artificial intelligence.

The Solution - Create an app that utilizes AI to analyze goals and user answers to create personalized goal plans, tips, and recommendations. As well as a reward system to entice users to keep up with their goals.


The branding for Motivo went through several different iterations that can be found in the appendix of the process book. Eventually, I settled on the idea of exploration and motivation as the core principles of Motivo and created the Brand Design.

Blurb Book

UX/UI Design

While designing the app for Motivo, I went through several different stages including wireframing, lo-fi prototyping, visual design, and user testing.


Visual Design



While designing the visuals for Motivo's app, I wanted to add life to the otherwise flat display. So, I created different states for Tivo, the brand character, to be displayed in.

Display Video

I also wanted to display my project process interestingly for senior show night. So, I created a short video summarizing the steps I took.

Final Deliverables

The project concludes with delivering a fully operational website, app prototype, brand system, and show display.

App Site Book

What I Learned

This project provided me with invaluable insights into the comprehensive process of building a brand from inception to completion. It taught me the importance of meticulous attention to detail at every stage. Additionally, I gained a crucial understanding that not all aspects of a project can be accomplished within the allotted time frame. Accepting this reality allowed me to prioritize tasks effectively, recognizing that some elements may need to be deferred or omitted temporarily. Ultimately, I learned that addressing the fundamental requirements of a project is paramount before indulging in the finer details.