Web Design - HTML,CSS,JS


The objective of this project was to create a senior show website that matched the design teams branding and showcased every students project.


Lead Website Designer


2 Weeks



Find a digital way to showcase the GDIM 2024 senior projects, to exhibit student work and facilitate networking opportunities.


We designed a user-friendly digital experience that presented the projects and their creators in a straightforward yet expressive manner, aligning closely with the branding established by our brand team for the senior show.


Madison Skaggs - Lead Website Designer

Sara Moen - Lead Developer

Caitlyn Wacholz - Website Designer

Emily Faucett - Website Designer

Mercy Berglund - Website Designer


Developing a streamlined process for tracking assets amidst frequent design changes and shifting branding guidelines posed a significant challenge throughout our project. Ensuring consistent access, organization, and utilization of assets across team members was paramount.

As we adapted swiftly to new design iterations and updated branding requirements, time became a critical factor. The evolving branding necessitated multiple adjustments, causing delays in our development schedule and compressing our coding timeline for the entire website.

In addition to these challenges, managing our senior projects effectively became crucial. This required us to allocate time wisely, often extending our hours in the studio or adjusting our initial plans to create a more manageable website within our timeframe.

Wireframing & Design

We started this design project by creating wireframes of potential layouts based on the senior show branding. I took charge of this process and created our homepage Wireframes.

After several changes from the design team on the show branding, we were able to keep some of the features of the wireframes and start the Visual Design.


Throughout this project, I learned a lot about leadership and how to keep a project on track even with countless changes and last-minute edits. This has taught me that patience is key when dealing with clients, and sometimes it's good to stand up for your design to keep it on track, while other times it's necessary to make the requested change even if they are not changes you would make yourself.

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