Graphic Design


As part of my Graphic Design II class, I was tasked with Redesigning the Olivü branding to create a minimal and elegant brand aesthetic that will elevate the brand in order to gain wholesale buyers in the form of large retail stores.


Graphic Designer


6 Weeks

The Brand

Olivü was founded in 2006 by Caitlin Brotz when a close friend of hers was burned in a snowmobile accident and needed lotion and chapstick that would not aggravate the burns.

Olivü's mission is to create natural personal care products from olive oil that are truly healing, non-harmful, and affordable for everyday use by people who have very sensitive skin.


This brand redesign was a design project from my Graphic Design II class which challenged us to entirely redesign a brand. I took this project as an opportunity to understand the usage of graphic design foundations from my previous courses within an entire brand identity. Through this project, I was not only able to apply my foundational graphic design skills but also my research and understanding of different aspects of brand manual design.

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